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Limited Filing User Information

To obtain limited filing user access in CM/ECF you must:

1. Review the Electronic Case Filing Administrative Procedures.

2. Obtain a PACER account.

3. Submit to the Court a Non-Attorney E-File Registration via your PACER account.

Upon receipt of your Non-Attorney E-File Registration, the Court will review for approval to allow you to electronically file in the Court's CM/ECF Live database.

Limited filing users are allowed to file only certain documents in CM/ECF using these events:

Certificate of Service
Chapter 11 Plan Ballot
Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice
Notice of Change of Address
Notice of Forbearance of Mortgage
Notice of Forbearance of Secured Claim
Notice of Mortgage Payment Change
Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, and Charges
Notice of Withdrawal of Claim
Notice of Withdrawal of Claim (Text Entry)
Objection to Transfer/Assignment of Claim
Payment of Unclaimed Funds
Proof of Claim Attachment 3001(c)(1) and (d)
Reaffirmation Agreement (Includes signature of Debtor's attorney)
Reaffirmation Agreement (pro se)
Request to Discontinue Service of Notice (Text Entry)
Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment Rule 3002.1
Transfer/Assignment of Claim (no waiver) (fee required)
Transfer/Assignment of Claim (with waiver) (fee required)
Unclaimed Funds Identifying Information
Withdrawal of Document (Text Entry)

The events for filing those documents can be found in CM/ECF by going to:

Bankruptcy - Creditor Maintenance:
Enter individual creditors

Bankruptcy - File Claims:
Proof of Claim or Amended Proof of Claim*

* A Proof of Claim may otherwise be filed electronically through the Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) program.