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Bankruptcy Court Decisions

Using this page.  Notable decisions from Judge Charles L. Nail, Jr. and Judge Irvin N. Hoyt from 1987 to the present are currently accessible on this page.  More will be added as time permits, including notable decisions from Judge Peder K. Ecker.  Click on the case or adversary proceeding name on the left to access a summary of the decision, a link to the full decision, and a summary and links to any appeal opinions.  All decisions are in pdf format.  To view, print, or save, use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Search.  To locate decisions discussing a particular legal or procedural topic, a bankruptcy or state code section, or a federal or local rule of procedure, insert in the Search box below a keyword or words or a number, e.g. "substantive consolidation" or "7001(1)."  [Don't use quotation marks in the Search field.] 

Disclaimer.  These decisions are provided as a convenience to the Bar and public.  This is not a comprehensive list of all decisions that have been entered by the Court.  They are subject to modification without notice and should not be relied on conclusively.   Before citing a decision for any purpose, confirm you have the most up-to-date version by accessing the particular case or adversary proceeding's docket through CM/ECF or PACER or requesting a certified copy from the Bankruptcy Clerk. 

Summary/Full Decision/Appeal History Case or Adversary Number Judgesort descending Date of Decision
Neuhauser Ranch, Inc. v. Lone Star Cattle Limited Partnership, Lone Star Cattle Company, Ken Jones, Kenneth Jones, Double K Cattle Co. aka KK Cattle Company, Western General Corp. aka General Western Corp., and Bankwest, Inc. (In re Neuhauser Ranch, Inc.) 88-5005 10/19/1989
In re Leo Stangle and Rosalie Stangle 88-50065 Hoyt 03/28/1990
Smith v. U.S.A., Farmers Home Administration (In re Wilbur John Smith and Betty Jean Smith) 94-3010 Hoyt 07/24/1995
In re Tamara Lea Murray 03-50393 Hoyt 01/21/2004
In re H & M Parmely Farms 84-30055 Hoyt 12/12/1989
In re Leonard Charles Conrad 97-40191 Hoyt 11/06/1997
In re Minn Kota Farm Agency, Inc. 90-10107 Hoyt 04/23/1991
Gerald Lee Hardy v. Warren Arthur Blake and Patricia K. Blake (In re Blake) 95-5009 Hoyt 10/26/1995
In re Clifford Buxcel and Elaine Buxcel 98-30004 Hoyt 06/17/1998
In re Kristi L. Theunissen 04-10322 Hoyt 05/25/2005
In re Dwain Swenson and Linda Swenson 02-40154 Hoyt 07/15/2002
In re Arden Loren Stern and Arlene Elsie Stern 91-40509 Hoyt 02/16/2000
In re The Credit Store, Inc. 02-40922 Hoyt 03/07/2005
In re Jeffrey P. Schultz 91-50290 Hoyt 09/16/1993
Kelvin Poppen and Ernest Schleuning v. Bill Michael Kessloff (In re Kessloff) 02-5011 Hoyt 04/25/2003
In re Roger Storm 87-30022 Hoyt 07/08/1988
In re Dorothy Jean Wehde 98-40522 Hoyt 05/16/2001
In re Trask Charolais 86-50015 Hoyt 05/11/1990
Smith v. U.S.A., Farmers Home Administration (In re Wilbur John Smith and Betty Jean Smith) 94-3010 Hoyt 12/22/1995
Scott A. Peterson v. Wayne Dullerud, Credit Collections Bureau, K and J Cycle, Capital One, Anesthesia Physicians, JNR Adjustments, Sioux Valley Hospital, and AT&T (In re Peterson) 04-1011 Hoyt 07/01/2004
Trustee William J. Pfeiffer v. Eureka State Bank (In re Leland John Rapp and Mari Margaret Rapp) 88-1031 Hoyt 04/10/1989
In re Dakota Industries, Inc. 87-40209 Hoyt 04/28/1997
In re Donald S. Reed and Sharon M. Reed 87-10312 Hoyt 08/07/1991
In re Broken Bow Ranch, Inc. 87-30137 Hoyt 06/26/1995
In re Terry R. Diefenderfer, Jr. and Amy M. Diefenderfer 98-40519 Hoyt 12/18/1998
In re Bradley Duane Thomas 05-10148 Hoyt 10/12/2005
In re SueAnn Turner 01-50504 Hoyt 01/02/2002
In re Charles R. Swenson and Karna L. Swenson 99-10195 Hoyt 05/04/2000
Trustee John S. Lovald v. Platinum Financial Services Corp. (In re The Credit Store, Inc.) 04-4061 Hoyt 06/03/2005
In re Gehrig Joseph Maunders and JanaLee Peterson 01-41291 Hoyt 03/21/2003
In re Edward L. Swenson and Phyllis Swenson 87-30136 Hoyt 06/20/1988
In re Dallas A. Wheeler 00-10016 Hoyt 02/20/2001
In re Richard E. Schuldies and Deanna Schuldies 90-50001 Hoyt 06/27/1990
In re Thomas Carroll Tracy and Thomas C. Tracy, Inc. 94-10100 Hoyt 01/10/1995
In re Dennie L. Pravecek and Mindee R. Pravecek 04-40643 Hoyt 07/21/2004
In re Norman L. Schafer and Cindy Schafer 88-10208 Hoyt 06/29/1989
Trustee A. Thomas Pokela v. Dakotaland Federal Credit Union (In re Charles C. Dammann) 96-4027 Hoyt 01/09/1997
In re Wilfred Reinbold 87-10311 Hoyt 04/15/1991
In re Alfred L. Buchholz and Josephine M. Buchholz 94-40526 Hoyt 08/15/1995
William M. Green v. Jay Logan and Colonial Pacific Leasing (In re Green) 97-4016 Hoyt 07/21/1998
Trustee John S. Lovald v. Dale A. Tjeerdsma (In re Tjeerdsma) 04-4074 Hoyt 04/28/2005
American Family Insurance and Rhonda Opsahl v. Bruce A. Williamson (In re Williamson) 01-1019 Hoyt 02/15/2002
In re Casey Ray Tebay 00-40245 Hoyt 09/08/2000
Trustee John S. Lovald v. J.L.B. of Nevada, Inc. and J.L.B. Equities, Inc. (In re The Credit Store, Inc.) 04-4052 Hoyt 08/04/2005
Delores Graham, as Special Administrator for the Estate of Florence Docken v. Ray Meinders, Joy Meinders and First Premier Bank (In re Meinders) 02-4062 Hoyt 04/09/2003
In re Tri-County Water Association, Inc. 87-30105 Hoyt 09/22/1988
In re Betty Wilson and Monte Wilson 00-40790 Hoyt 03/05/2001
In re Wilfred Reinbold 87-10311 Hoyt 02/12/1990
In re Ronald Owen Torgerson and Charlene Rae Torgerson 94-10095 Hoyt 02/27/1995
In re Duane D. Rogers 99-10071 Hoyt 08/30/2004
In re Marvin Leroy Speck and Ellen Marie Speck 88-30065 Hoyt 10/13/1989
United States of America v. Dan E. Danielson (In re Danielson) 96-4007 Hoyt 02/04/1997
In re Wilfred Reinbold 87-10311 Hoyt 07/19/1991
In re Clifford Buxcel and Elaine Buxcel 94-30036 Hoyt 06/19/1995
William M. Green v. Jay Logan and Colonial Pacific Leasing (In re Green) 97-4016 Hoyt 12/04/1998
Heather K. Tolsma v. Student Loan Finance Corp., Student Loan Corporation, University Accounting Service LLC, and Educational Credit Management Corporation (In re Tolsma) 05-4042 Hoyt 12/02/2005
Richard C. Larson v. Jonathan Lee Zoss (In re Zoss) 02-4024 Hoyt 07/12/2002
In re Ronald E. Tidwell 98-50422 Hoyt 08/16/2000
Steven L. Folk v. Hauge Associates, Willey Williams Ltd., Janelle Erickson, Daedalus, Inc., Harley Rote, Intek, KSOB Radio, Wells Fargo Bank and World Fuel Services (In re Folk) 05-4081 Hoyt 11/15/2005
Delores Graham, as Special Administrator for the Estate of Florence Docken v. Ray Meinders, Joy Meinders and First Premier Bank (In re Meinders) 02-4062 Hoyt 08/27/2003
In re Robert Vander Werff and Arlene Vander Werff 85-30070 Hoyt 06/22/1988
In re Phyllis R. Bitterman 99-41111 Hoyt 06/27/2000
Darrell Boyer v. Barbara Irene Boyer (In re Barbara Irene Boyer) 00-5008 Hoyt 11/13/2000
Norland Bicky Hofer and Susan Rae Hofer v. Security State Bank (In re Hofer) 87-1017 Hoyt 12/24/1987
In re Richard H. Tiede and Doris K. Tiede 95-40038 Hoyt 08/09/1995
In re Linda L. Rosenow 99-50365 Hoyt 02/09/2004
In re Robert Willard Speck and Lorna Marie Speck 87-30054 Hoyt 02/16/1989
In re Roger L. Dice 96-30095 Hoyt 04/02/1997
In re Donald E. Schmidt and Helen M. Schmidt 87-10033 Hoyt 06/11/1991
In re Charles Gerard Dwyer 94-50152 Hoyt 04/12/1995
Automobile Club Insurance Company, Layne Drenth, and Lisa Drenth v. Daniel F. Grygierczyk (In re Grygierczyk) 98-4028 Hoyt 12/28/1998
In re Willis Ferris Yost and Iona Mae Yost 92-30036 Hoyt 08/20/1993
In re Tri-State Ethanol Company LLC 03-10194 Hoyt 03/14/2005
Laura J. Howard v. John Michael Abbott (In re Abbott) 01-3005 Hoyt 08/02/2001
Holly Hayden v. Ronald Edward Tidwell (In re Tidwell) 00-5016 Hoyt 11/29/2000
Scott Charles Stepp v. Rebecca K. Fuller (In re Fuller) 05-4068 Hoyt 12/06/2005
In re Novotny Brothers, Inc. 96-30016 Hoyt 01/21/2003
In re Weiszhaar Farms, Inc. and L. J. Hog Company, Inc. 88-10194 Hoyt 11/08/1988
Bryan L. Brost v. Teri R. Brost (In re Teri R Brost) 99-4020 Hoyt 01/04/2000
In re Ralph Laverne Beckwith and Anna Amelia Beckwith 82-30008 Hoyt 12/15/1987
In re Tri-State Ethanol Company LLC 03-10194 Hoyt 08/10/2009
In re Loren E. Volberding 95-40368 Hoyt 12/20/1995
In re Claire S. Ruff 04-40353 Hoyt 08/16/2004
In re Roger Storm 87-30022 Hoyt 10/13/1989
In re Autumn A. Erickson 96-40398 Hoyt 03/28/1997
United States of America and Trustee A. Thomas Pokela v. Gerald Lee Swanson and Cheryl Marie Swanson (In re Swanson) 90-1012 Hoyt 03/18/1991
In re James W. Eagle and Patricia L. Eagle 92-30072 Hoyt 08/10/1995
In re Keith Neil Haffer 97-41065 Hoyt 09/21/1998
Estate of Carl V. Gull and Estate of Eunice I. Gull v. U.S. Office of Personnel Management (In re L.D. Alderson) 92-5002 Hoyt 12/01/1992
Trustee John S. Lovald v. Tri-State Financial, LLC (In re Tri-State Ethanol Company LLC) 05-1006 Hoyt 05/04/2005
In re Jesse Bell Aldrich 00-40969 Hoyt 01/11/2001
In re Donald John Tunnissen and Charlene Joan Tunnissen 95-30001 Hoyt 09/27/2000
In re David Giere and Nancy A. Giere 04-10297 Hoyt 04/12/2005
In re Michael D. Purdy and JoEllen S. Purdy 03-40883 Hoyt 09/04/2003
In re Zeman Farms, Inc. 87-30132 Hoyt 03/18/1988
In re Finesha Randle Dawson 00-40405 Hoyt 12/07/2000
In re Ralph Gerald Preszler and Elizabeth Marcella Preszler 82-10124 Hoyt 12/22/1987
In re Tri-State Ethanol Company LLC 03-10194 Hoyt 01/03/2008
In re Dewain Franklin "Buzzy" Waletich and Joan Marie Waletich 94-10050 Hoyt 03/03/1995
Trustee John S. Lovald v. Credit Collection Services, Inc. (In re Tony Daniel Schultz and Sheri Marie Schultz) 04-4023 Hoyt 09/01/2004