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Electronic Filing

Documents electronically filed in CM/ECF immediately appear on the CM/ECF docket. Attorneys must use CM/ECF to electronically file all documents. "Limited filing users" may use CM/ECF to file certain claim-related documents. Limited filing users are generally individuals who frequently file claim-related documents for larger creditor entities. Click here to see the list of documents a limited filing user may electronically file.

An attorney or a limited filing user accesses CM/ECF through PACER using a unique log-in and password. Click here to learn more about PACER and to register for it.

Each attorney or limited filing user must abide by the Court's Electronic Case Filing Administrative Procedures. To review them, click here. The Court has also created an Electronic Filing Guide. The guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to file certain documents using CM/ECF and explains how to maintain your CM/ECF account. To review the Electronic Filing Guide, click here. Links to the Electronic Filing Guide are also imbedded in the local bankruptcy rules for this district.

Creditors, including an attorney for a creditor, may use a separate program called ePOC to electronically file a proof of claim. They may also use ePOC to amend, supplement, or withdraw a proof of claim. To learn more about ePOC, click here.

Requirements to File Documents Using CM/ECF
Attorneys or limited filing users who want to use CM/ECF to file documents must comply with certain requirements. To learn about the requirements for an attorney, click here. To learn about the requirements for a limited filing user, click here.