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In re Roger Morse Wilsey

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December 13, 2007
Whether Debtor, who lived with an adult female who was not related to him by blood or marriage, was "the head of a family" for the purposes of S.D.C.L. § 43-45-4?
No. The adult female who lived with Debtor may have been a member of Debtor's household, but she was not a member of his family. Consequently, Debtor may have been the head of a household, but he was not the head of a family, and he was not entitled to claim the $6,000 head of family exemption under S.D.C.L. § 43-45-4. See In re Bucaro, Bankr. No. 05-10326, bench ruling (Bankr. D.S.D. Apr. 9, 2007).
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