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Multi-Court Voice Case Information System

The Multi-Court Voice Case Information System (McVCIS) toll-free telephone number is (866) 222-8029.  

Speak the name of our court - "South Dakota."

McVCIS allows you to call from any touch-tone telephone to obtain the latest information on a case, including:      

  • Attorney for Debtor(s)  
  • Case Chapter
  • Case Filing Date   
  • Case Number  
  • Discharge Date (if any)
  • Judge
  • Name of Debtor(s) or Parties 
  • Status of Case
  • Trustee 
  • 341 Meeting Date, Time and Location 

What do I need to use McVCIS?

A standard touch-tone telephone is all that is needed to use McVCIS.  The information on the case you select will be read to you by a computer-generated voice.

How much does McVCIS cost?

This information service is provided free of charge.

When is McVCIS available?

McVCIS is available around the clock, except for occasional maintenance periods.

How do I search for a case?

McVCIS offers searching by case number, name, social security number or tax ID number.  By using the keys on your telephone, you can enter the search information.  The computer will then search for the proper case(s) and report its findings.