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Attorney's Use of CM/ECF

Pursuant to a general order entered July 14, 2005, any document filed by an attorney in a bankruptcy case or an adversary proceeding in the District of South Dakota must be filed electronically. If the attorney is not admitted to the federal bar for the District of South Dakota, he or she must first be admitted to the bar or seek admission pro hac vice. Admission of an attorney to the district's federal bar and pro hac vice appearances are governed by the local rules of the United States District Court for the District of South Dakota. Click here to access the District Court's local rules. Any motion to appear pro hac vice should be filed in the bankruptcy case, but the appearance fee should be paid to the District Court in the manner it requests (usually by credit card).

To become eligible to electronically file documents using CM/ECF, an attorney must:

(1) be a member of the federal bar for the District of South Dakota or be authorized to appear pro hac vice;

(2) review the Court's Electronic Case Filing Administrative Procedures;

(3) obtain a PACER account;

(4) receive CM/ECF training from this Court or another federal court (contact the Bankruptcy Clerk to make arrangements); and

(5) submit to the Bankruptcy Clerk an Attorney E-File Registration through the attorney's PACER account.

Upon receipt of the Attorney E-File Registration, the Bankruptcy Clerk will review the registration and either grant or deny the attorney access to CM/ECF.

For step by step help in registering to use CM/ECF, click here.