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Limited Filing User's Use of CM/ECF

A limited filing user is generally an individual who frequently files claim-related documents for a large creditor entity who has been given rights to file certain documents using CM/ECF. A limited filing user may also electronically withdraw the same documents he or she electronically filed. Most of the documents a limited filing user may file relate to the creditor's claim. To view a list of the documents a limited filing user may file, click here. A limited filing user may not appear at a hearing, conference, or trial on behalf of the creditor unless the limited filing user is an attorney admitted to the federal bar for the District of South Dakota or is the actual creditor himself or herself–not an officer or employee of a creditor that is a formal business entity, such as a corporation or a limited liability company.

To become eligible to electronically file certain documents using CM/ECF, a limited filing user must:

(1) review the Court's Electronic Case Filing Administrative Procedures;

(2) obtain a PACER account; and

(3) submit to the Bankruptcy Clerk a Non-Attorney E-File Registration through his or her PACER account.

Upon receipt of the Non-Attorney E-File Registration, the Bankruptcy Clerk will review the registration and either grant or deny the registrant access to electronically file certain documents in CM/ECF.

A limited filing user's filing privileges may be revoked if the limited filing user fails to comply with the Electronic Case Filing Administrative Procedures.

For step by step help in registering to be a limited filing user on CM/ECF, click here.