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Bankruptcy Court Decisions

Using this page.  Notable decisions from Judge Charles L. Nail, Jr. and Judge Irvin N. Hoyt from 1987 to the present are currently accessible on this page.  More will be added as time permits, including notable decisions from Judge Peder K. Ecker.  Click on the case or adversary proceeding name on the left to access a summary of the decision, a link to the full decision, and a summary and links to any appeal opinions.  All decisions are in pdf format.  To view, print, or save, use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Disclaimer.  These decisions are provided as a convenience to the Bar and public.  This is not a comprehensive list of all decisions that have been entered by the Court.  They are subject to modification without notice and should not be relied on conclusively.   Before citing a decision for any purpose, confirm you have the most up-to-date version by accessing the particular case or adversary proceeding's docket through CM/ECF or PACER or requesting a certified copy from the Bankruptcy Clerk. 

Summary/Full Decision/Appeal History Case or Adversary Number Judge Date of Decisionsort ascending
In re Nichole M. Morrison 04-40185 Hoyt 06/04/2004
In re Cloverleaf Farmers Cooperative, Inc. 89-40531 Hoyt 06/01/2004
In re Danny C. Wolff and Marla J. Wolff 03-40853 Hoyt 05/17/2004
North Central Construction, Inc. v. Tri-State Ethanol Company, LLC, First Dakota National Bank, South Dakota Corn Utilization Council, South Dakota Board of Economic Development, et al. (In re Tri-State Ethanol Company, LLC) 03-1032 Hoyt 05/10/2004
In re Bridgeport Tractor Parts, Inc. 03-40965 Hoyt 04/02/2004
Frank Guliuzza and Kathy Guliuzza v. Glenn E. Wood and Janet L. Wood (In re Wood) 03-5015 Hoyt 03/15/2004
In re Nathan Shaull 02-30051 Hoyt 03/05/2004
In re Larson Concrete Company 00-10053 Hoyt 03/05/2004
In re James Leslie Coats and Jane Irene Coats 97-10001 Hoyt 02/25/2004
In re Linda L. Rosenow 99-50365 Hoyt 02/09/2004
In re Marilyn Anne Durante 01-50181 Hoyt 01/28/2004
LaLeine M. Van Leuven v. Robert Holway (In re Holway) 03-5009 Hoyt 01/21/2004
In re Tamara Lea Murray 03-50393 Hoyt 01/21/2004
In re William Bruce Hope and Lori Lynn Hope 03-30093 Hoyt 01/15/2004
In re Gregory Dean Zike, Sr. 03-41477 Hoyt 12/30/2003
B-Line v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (In re The Credit Store, Inc.) 03-4039 Hoyt 12/23/2003
In re The Credit Store, Inc. 02-40922 Hoyt 12/19/2003
Patricia J. Warkenthien v. Brett Evan Warkenthien (In re Brett Evan Warkenthien) 03-3004 Hoyt 12/19/2003
South Dakota Department of Social Services v. Jimmy Dean Tines (In re Tines) 03-5014 Hoyt 11/21/2003
North Central Construction, Inc. v. Tri-State Ethanol Company LLC, et al. (In re Tri-State Ethanol Company LLC) 03-1032 Hoyt 11/14/2003
Chad Allen Volkers v. Indiana Wesleyan University (In re Volkers) 03-5006 Hoyt 10/10/2003
In re Antonio M. Aguirre, Sr. and Kelli D. Aguirre 01-40161 Hoyt 10/06/2003
In re Michael D. Purdy and JoEllen S. Purdy 03-40883 Hoyt 09/04/2003
Delores Graham, as Special Administrator for the Estate of Florence Docken v. Ray Meinders, Joy Meinders and First Premier Bank (In re Meinders) 02-4062 Hoyt 08/27/2003
In re Kermit R. Johnson 03-10042 Hoyt 08/15/2003
In re William G. Barnes 01-50397 Hoyt 07/11/2003
Brian J. Duffy v. Mary Duffy (In re Brian J. Duffy) 02-4069 Hoyt 06/26/2003
Trustee John S. Lovald v. Thornton Capital Advisors, Inc. and Recovery Partners II, LLC (In re The Credit Store, Inc.) 03-4017 Hoyt 06/20/2003
In re Vernon E. Ivers, Jr. and Carol S. Ivers 02-50111 Hoyt 06/17/2003
In re Dorothy Davis 02-41376 Hoyt 05/29/2003
In re Lorraine M. Hankins 01-41241 Hoyt 05/09/2003
In re Tammie L. Bludorn and In re Frank S. Lophovsky 02-10226 Hoyt 05/06/2003
Brian J. Duffy v. Mary Duffy (In re Brian J. Duffy) 02-4069 Hoyt 05/02/2003
Kelvin Poppen and Ernest Schleuning v. Bill Michael Kessloff (In re Kessloff) 02-5011 Hoyt 04/25/2003
Delores Graham, as Special Administrator for the Estate of Florence Docken v. Ray Meinders, Joy Meinders and First Premier Bank (In re Meinders) 02-4062 Hoyt 04/09/2003
In re Gehrig Joseph Maunders and JanaLee Peterson 01-41291 Hoyt 03/21/2003
First Western Bank, Deadwood v. Delbert Brink and Pamela Brink (In re Brink) 02-5014 Hoyt 02/07/2003
In re Tammie L. Bludorn 02-10226 Hoyt 01/31/2003
In re Novotny Brothers, Inc. 96-30016 Hoyt 01/21/2003
In re Tamara Jo Johnson 01-41133 Hoyt 01/10/2003
In re James M. Delozier and Mary L. Delozier 02-40659 Hoyt 12/09/2002
In re Dennis L. Ihnen and Mary Kay Ihnen 02-40459 Hoyt 12/03/2002
In re James W. Kussow 97-40952 Hoyt 11/06/2002
In re Todd H. Sayles and Jill R. Sayles 01-41423 Hoyt 11/05/2002
Trustee John S. Lovald v. F&M Bank (In re Cahoy Trucking, Inc.) 02-3002 Hoyt 10/17/2002
Trustee John S. Lovald v. A & J Transportation, Inc., et al. (In re Hagen Transportation Services, Inc.) 02-4013 Hoyt 10/08/2002
Michael J. Arnoldy and Sonia R. Arnoldy v. David L. Ochs and Annette L. Ochs (In re Ochs) 02-1008 Hoyt 09/30/2002
In re Ray Meinders and Joy Meinders 00-40914 Hoyt 09/06/2002
In re Loren J. Nehlich and April M. Nehlich 02-10049 Hoyt 08/12/2002
Gail Sohler v. William G. Barnes (In re Barnes) 01-5014 Hoyt 07/30/2002
In re Dwain Swenson and Linda Swenson 02-40154 Hoyt 07/15/2002
Richard C. Larson v. Jonathan Lee Zoss (In re Zoss) 02-4024 Hoyt 07/12/2002
Trustee William J. Pfeiffer v. Aberdeen Finance Corp. (In re Elsperger) 01-1018 Hoyt 06/24/2002
Cynthia Lee Keller v. Marvin Eugene Willard Parkinson (In re Parkinson) 01-4035 Hoyt 05/24/2002
In re Darci Stanford and John Stanford 02-40129 Hoyt 05/17/2002
Estate of Robert R. Lacey v. Jeffrey L. Knopf (In re Knopf) 01-4030 Hoyt 05/13/2002
In re Kevin G. Cap and Cathy J. Cap 01-41239 Hoyt 05/08/2002
In re Michael Ford and Hollee Ford 01-10034 Hoyt 05/06/2002
In re King Sea Restaurant No. 3, Inc. 01-40853 Hoyt 04/08/2002
In re Tamara Jo Johnson 01-41133 Hoyt 03/22/2002
LaWayne Larson v. Debra Ann Larson (In re Debra Ann Larson) 01-5010 Hoyt 03/15/2002
American Family Insurance and Rhonda Opsahl v. Bruce A. Williamson (In re Williamson) 01-1019 Hoyt 02/15/2002
In re Gregory A. Anderson and Deanne M. Anderson 01-10280 Hoyt 02/07/2002
Trustee John S. Lovald v. Dakota Truck Underwriters (In re Fischer Enterprises, Inc.) 01-4027 Hoyt 01/28/2002
In re SueAnn Turner 01-50504 Hoyt 01/02/2002
In re Ronny A. Hofer and Tisha D. Hofer 01-40825 Hoyt 12/06/2001
In re Bradley M. Doerr and Debra J. Doerr 01-40036 Hoyt 11/30/2001
In re Marilyn Anne Durante 01-50181 Hoyt 11/19/2001
In re Nora Y. Ludwig 01-40473 Hoyt 10/26/2001
Trustee Dennis C. Whetzel v. First International Bank & Trust (In re Lyndon M. Franzen dba Franzen Freightways) 01-5008 Hoyt 10/26/2001
In re Ned Maryott, fdba Maryott Livestock 01-10052 Hoyt 09/24/2001
Paige Hofer-Ward v. Abdul T. Ward (In re Abdul T. Ward) 00-4011 Hoyt 08/14/2001
In re John David McGruder and Marlene Joyce McGruder 00-30094 Hoyt 08/14/2001
Laura J. Howard v. John Michael Abbott (In re Abbott) 01-3005 Hoyt 08/02/2001
Trustee William J. Pfeiffer v. Albert C. Heyd and Ardith Heyd (In re Jack Ray-Henry Heyd) 01-1010 Hoyt 07/20/2001
In re Samuel Dorsey Thompson 01-50009 Hoyt 07/19/2001
Daniel W. Barrett and Magen L. Barrett v. Small Business Administration and First Dakota National Bank (In re Barrett) 01-4011 Hoyt 07/17/2001
In re Robert L. Boeka, Jr. 01-40301 Hoyt 07/17/2001
In re Constance L. Schenkel 00-40956 Hoyt 06/27/2001
Holly Hayden v. Ronald Edward Tidwell (In re Tidwell) 00-5016 Hoyt 06/13/2001
In re Arthur Dean Reeves and Emma Lu Reeves 99-30008 Hoyt 06/13/2001
Angela D. Ford v. Justin Uriah Cookie (In re Cookie) 01-5005 Hoyt 05/25/2001
In re Carlene R. Schlup 01-50124 Hoyt 05/18/2001
In re Dorothy Jean Wehde 98-40522 Hoyt 05/16/2001
In re Pamyla Hefner 00-40944 Hoyt 05/08/2001
In re Myron L. Haar and Charmaine R. Haar 00-10183 Hoyt 05/07/2001
In re Jacob P. Klammes 00-50433 Hoyt 04/25/2001
In re Jeffrey L. Peterson and Roxann L. Peterson 00-50410 Hoyt 04/25/2001
In re Steven D. Hanson and Bonnie M. Hanson 00-30078 Hoyt 04/09/2001
In re Betty Wilson and Monte Wilson 00-40790 Hoyt 03/05/2001
Trustee John S. Lovald v. Gerald R. Kirwan, Jr. and Leona J. Kirwan (In re Kirwan Ranch) 99-3001 Hoyt 02/23/2001
In re Kirwan Ranch 97-30004 Hoyt 02/23/2001
In re Dallas A. Wheeler 00-10016 Hoyt 02/20/2001
Jim Brown, dba 3B Farms v. James Douglas Donovan (In re Donovan) 00-3004 Hoyt 02/07/2001
In re Clifford E. Mendel 00-10159 Hoyt 01/31/2001
Trustee John S. Lovald v. Gerald R. Kirwan, Jr. and Leona J. Kirwan (In re Kirwan Ranch) 99-3001 Hoyt 01/23/2001
In re Arthur Dean Reeves and Emma Lu Reeves 99-30008 Hoyt 01/23/2001
In re Thomas Zane Reeves 99-30061 Hoyt 01/23/2001
In re Toni-Dee Lucille Beilke 00-40818 Hoyt 01/11/2001
In re Joanne Renee Nolte 00-40804 Hoyt 01/11/2001