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Bankruptcy Court Decisions

Using this page.  Notable decisions from Judge Charles L. Nail, Jr. and Judge Irvin N. Hoyt from 1987 to the present are currently accessible on this page.  More will be added as time permits, including notable decisions from Judge Peder K. Ecker.  Click on the case or adversary proceeding name on the left to access a summary of the decision, a link to the full decision, and a summary and links to any appeal opinions.  All decisions are in pdf format.  To view, print, or save, use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Disclaimer.  These decisions are provided as a convenience to the Bar and public.  This is not a comprehensive list of all decisions that have been entered by the Court.  They are subject to modification without notice and should not be relied on conclusively.   Before citing a decision for any purpose, confirm you have the most up-to-date version by accessing the particular case or adversary proceeding's docket through CM/ECF or PACER or requesting a certified copy from the Bankruptcy Clerk. 

Summary/Full Decision/Appeal History Case or Adversary Number Judge Date of Decisionsort ascending
In re Odean T. Olson and Ardys R. Olson 89-30026 Hoyt 10/13/1989
Neuhauser Ranch, Inc. v. Lone Star Cattle Limited Partnership, Lone Star Cattle Company, Ken Jones, Kenneth Jones, Double K Cattle Co. aka KK Cattle Company, Western General Corp. aka General Western Corp., and Bankwest, Inc. (In re Neuhauser Ranch, Inc.) 88-5005 Hoyt 09/07/1989
Jarrett Ranches, Inc. v. Farm Credit Bank of Omaha (In re Jarrett Ranches, Inc.) 89-1001 Hoyt 08/16/1989
Jarrett Ranches, Inc. v. Farm Credit Bank of Omaha (In re Jarrett Ranches, Inc.) 89-1001 Hoyt 08/16/1989
In re Willis R. Gerth 89-10062 Hoyt 08/02/1989
In re Philip Wolff and Rose Wolff 89-10011 Hoyt 07/10/1989
In re Martin Frank, Jr., and Ernestine Frank 89-10012 Hoyt 07/05/1989
In re Norman L. Schafer and Cindy Schafer 88-10208 Hoyt 06/29/1989
In re Edward W. Carr and Wilma Carr dba Carr Farms, Inc. 87-40067 Hoyt 06/29/1989
In re Cal Nowell and Jean Nowell 85-10075 Hoyt 05/15/1989
In re Herman Poeppel 89-30035 Hoyt 05/10/1989
In re Robert Laverne Ehrich 85-50119 Hoyt 04/28/1989
In re Fred Fanning and Bessie Fanning 86-30115 Hoyt 04/25/1989
Trustee William J. Pfeiffer v. Eureka State Bank (In re Leland John Rapp and Mari Margaret Rapp) 88-1031 Hoyt 04/10/1989
In re Robert Laverne Ehrich 85-50119 Hoyt 03/31/1989
In re John D. Lipp and Kellie B. Lipp 88-50112 Hoyt 03/23/1989
United States of America v. Security State Bank of Doland (In re Weems Farms) 88-1028 Hoyt 03/15/1989
In re Earl Hanson and Ruby Hanson, Harold Assman and Jim Assman, Lower Brule Construction, Ward Lemmon and Norman Lemmon, Gary Schindler and Kathleen Schindler, and Donald Schindler and Bonnie Schindler 86-30136 Hoyt 03/08/1989
In re Robert Willard Speck and Lorna Marie Speck 87-30054 Hoyt 02/16/1989
In re Leland Pearson and Glennis Pearson 87-30047 Hoyt 02/16/1989
BankWest, Inc. v. United States of America, Farmers Home Administration (In re Katcon, Inc.) 88-3006 Hoyt 02/10/1989
Production Credit Association of the Midlands v. Bar 7 Bar Charolais Ranch (In re Bar 7 Bar Charolais Ranch) 88-5010 Hoyt 02/03/1989
In re Wesley High Elk and Imogene High Elk 88-30012 Hoyt 12/13/1988
Kirby Oswald v. Leslie Raymond Gonsor (In re Gonsor) 88-1020 Hoyt 12/13/1988
Alvin Raymond Bauer and Deloris La Ryne Bauer v. The United States of America (In re Bauer) 87-1042 Hoyt 11/18/1988
In re Sioux Alfalfa Meal Company 87-40649 Hoyt 11/17/1988
In re Weiszhaar Farms, Inc. and L. J. Hog Company, Inc. 88-10194 Hoyt 11/08/1988
In re Ronald F. Honstein 88-30027 Hoyt 09/30/1988
In re Lee Scott Larson 88-30004 Hoyt 09/28/1988
In re Tri-County Water Association, Inc. 87-30105 Hoyt 09/22/1988
In re Charles Schomaker and Jeanette Schomaker 87-10040 Hoyt 09/13/1988
In re Roger Storm 87-30022 Hoyt 07/08/1988
In re Alvin Bauer and Deloris La Ryne Bauer 87-1042 Hoyt 07/07/1988
In re Robert Vander Werff and Arlene Vander Werff 85-30070 Hoyt 06/22/1988
In re Duane John Slunecka and Robert Slunecka 87-30085 Hoyt 06/21/1988
In re Edward L. Swenson and Phyllis Swenson 87-30136 Hoyt 06/20/1988
In re Francis Victor Krump and Pauline Margaret Krump, Dennis Voeller and Donna Lynn Voeller, and Craig D. Wendling and Rebecca L. Wendling 87-10230 Hoyt 06/07/1988
In re Kenneth J. Hofer 86-30018 Hoyt 05/17/1988
In re Dale Arthur Resel 86-30077 Hoyt 05/16/1988
In re Michael Allen Herrick 84-10041 Hoyt 05/09/1988
In re Robert L. Eschenbaum and Donna M. Eschenbaum 86-30023 Hoyt 04/21/1988
In re James Anderson and Dorothy Anderson 86-30044 Hoyt 04/11/1988
In re Zeman Farms, Inc. 87-30132 Hoyt 03/25/1988
In re Zeman Farms, Inc. 87-30132 Hoyt 03/23/1988
Violet V. Krage Elton v. Leroy Krage dba Krage Simmentals (In re Krage) 87-1014 Hoyt 03/23/1988
In re Vaughn Doerr and Genevieve Doerr 86-10156 Hoyt 03/22/1988
In re Broken Bow Ranch, Inc. 87-30137 Hoyt 03/21/1988
In re Junior Sebastian Hammrich and Joyce Marie Hammrich 87-10032 Hoyt 03/18/1988
In re Zeman Farms, Inc. 87-30132 Hoyt 03/18/1988
In re Daryl Keith Hogg and Donna Rae Hogg 86-30062 Hoyt 03/18/1988
In re Keith Fischer and Charlene Fischer 84-10114 Hoyt 02/19/1988
In re Francis Gerard Goc and Kathie Lynn Goc 86-30045 Hoyt 02/01/1988
In re Leroy Milton Horsley and Darlene Joy Horsley 85-30071 Hoyt 01/04/1988
Norland Bicky Hofer and Susan Rae Hofer v. Security State Bank (In re Hofer) 87-1017 Hoyt 12/24/1987
In re Ralph Gerald Preszler and Elizabeth Marcella Preszler 82-10124 Hoyt 12/22/1987
In re Ralph Laverne Beckwith and Anna Amelia Beckwith 82-30008 Hoyt 12/15/1987